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Stray kitten desperate for help is taken under the paw of unlikely feline hero

Kitten and ginger cat cat-happy
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When a family find a little stray kitten, they decide to find him a new home. But things take an unexpected turn when the kitten is introduced to his new feline siblings.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 20/01/2020, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Justin LeRose owns a shop in Long Beach, Californa. One day he spotted a skinny little ginger and white kitten outside his shop. He watched as the little feline pushed his face and paws against the screen, trying desperately to get into the shop. The little chap was also continuously meowing, seemingly desperate for attention.

"He was covered in paint. Once I heard that cry I knew it was serious," Justin told Love Meow.


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He picked up the skinny and dirty kitten who began purring loudly, no doubt relieved that he was finally in good hands.

Foster family

Justin took the kitten to the vet to get checked over. He was given a thorough clean and some food. Justin and his wife Kristin already shared their home with three cats and a dog, plus a “guard” cat at their shop.

Although they weren't looking to expand their fur family, they decided to foster the kitten until they found him a forever home.


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They named the kitten Cru and decided that they would get him acclimatised to indoor life and socialise him with their other pets. One of them is Ollie.

Meet Ollie

Ollie is the couple's 6-year-old ginger cat who has a lot of cattitude. When he first joined the family, it took him a while to settle in.


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"It took four years and more patience than we ever knew we could have, but he finally calmed down. He loves the dog but is notorious to the other cats," Kristin said.

So they didn't expect that Ollie would take to his new foster sibling at all.

But they couldn't have been more wrong.


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To everyone's shock and surprise, out of all pets in the house, it was Ollie who took it upon himself to be Cru's foster buddy.

Big bro

As soon as he met the new kitten, Ollie took him under his paw. Justin and Kristin couldn't believe it as they watched Ollie show Cru so much kindness, patience and gentleness.


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Despite Cru's crazy kitten behaviour, Ollie was always sweet and gentle and kept him close.

"It's crazy to watch him have a little buddy that he's so gentle with even though Cru is so rowdy with him," Kristin said.

Cru and Ollie eat together, play together, groom each other and snuggle together every day.


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Having a big feline brother to look up to, Cru has grown in confidence and has become a rather sassy cat, just like Ollie.

Foster fail

While Kristin and Justin had planned to find Cru a good home, they realised that he had already found it.


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"He blossomed with the animals at my apartment. I am a foster fail and I'm proud of it," Justin said.

'Fur Force Five'

The couple's Instagram shows the antics of all their fur family and you can see how well Cru has settled in (with Ollie often by his side).

While Cru is growing up fast, his bond with his big brother has never been so strong. 


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"I never thought Ollie would have a cat buddy like this," Kristin said. "Their bond is extra special."