Mastiff waits for the school bus every morning for the cutest reason

Gordon takes his guard duties very seriously dog-happy © Daily Mail - Facebook

A video shows the adorable moment when a giant Mastiff named Gordon patiently stands guard over his human sisters as they wait for the school bus to arrive!

By Ashley Murphy

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Gordon isn't just a big dog - he's a massive dog. This nine stone Mastiff is all muscle and isn't scared of anyone!


A giant dog with a giant heart

But despite his rather imposing presence, Gordon has got a real soft spot for his two favourite people in the world - his little human sisters.

In fact, he always keeps a close eye on them and is only really happy when they are!

And a recent video posted by Gordon's dog mum shows just how much love he has for the pair.

Every morning, Gordon walks his sister's down to the school bus stop.

He takes up a position a few metres away, keeping watch over the young girls until the bus arrives.

Big Gordon then waits until they're safely on board before galloping back to the house with a very proud look on his face.

Job done, he seems to say! Now it's time for me to relax!

Gordon's dog-mum, Becky Lynn, told reporters that Gordon has been doing this ever since the girls started taking the school bus.

Gordon's adorable antics go viral

She shared the video on her Facebook page and was overwhelmed by the response. As well as receiving thousands of likes and comments, the story was picked up by news outlets across the world.

A condensed Youtube clip has almost 100k views, turning this gentle giant into a social media sensation.

Now check it out for yourself. But beware, this clip contains scenes of extreme cuteness!

Dog waits at bus stop for little girl to get onto the school bus

This dog waits with this little girl for her school bus every day! ❤️

Posted by Daily Mail on Tuesday, November 26, 2019
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