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Heart-broken firefighter’s search for dog missing in Oz bush fires

firefighter in au bush fires dog-sad
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A firefighter's beloved dog is missing after he fled the Aussie bushfires in terror, but the firefighter has vowed not to stop searching until he finds his 'best mate'.

By Natasha James

Published on the 16/01/2020, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

A tragic year

A little over a year ago, Ash Graham lived in his house in Nerrigundah on the New South Wales south coast with his wife, Melanie and dog, Kozi.

Sadly, 12 months ago, Melanie passed away following a battle with cancer. Kozi became Ash's sole source of comfort.

Mr Graham had more tragedy in store when his house burnt down on New Year's Eve in the terrible bushfires sweeping Australia. He managed to avoid the blaze and escape in his truck with a few personal belongings and, of course, his beloved dog, Kozi.


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Terrified pup

He took Kozi to safety at the local fire station and headed back to the blaze to warn other residents to evacuate. But, when he returned, Kozi had fled the fire station in fear as the blaze approached the building.

He said of his beloved dog,

“He was the only thing I was left with when my wife passed away, so, yeah, he’s my best mate.”

The search has begun

Ash has now begun a relentless search for his dog and won't stop until he finds him. He's been trawling the local area, looking under houses, through mine shafts and in wombat holes.

So far, he's seen no sign of Kozi but he's refusing to give up,

“I'm just hoping that he was faster than Armageddon. Maybe I just haven't walked that extra hundred metres, maybe I've just over-glanced an area and there were a couple of houses I hadn't looked under.”

We wish Mr Graham all the very best with his search and hope that he's reunited with his beloved Kozi very soon.

The tragic bushfires are thought to have killed a billion animals so far, if you wanted to help in a small way by donating then the WWF have an Australia fund to help the wildlife in the area.

The story of Ash and Kozi

A man lost his dog in the Australian Fires. Now, he's on a mission to find him. bit.ly/30iumCC

Posted by Euronews English on Tuesday, January 14, 2020