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10 dog tweets guaranteed to banish the winter blues

Cute pooches to make you smile dog-happy
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It's cold outside, we're back at work, and payday feels like forever away. So, as a little treat, we're bringing you a weekly roundup of the best doggos on the web.

By Natasha James

Published on the 16/01/2020, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Get a cup of tea, put your feet up and spend the next five minutes with these adorable pups. The hardest part will be choosing your favourite. Is it…

1. This tiny pup who loves the mud

At this time of year, all we want to do is sit under a blanket and watch TV. This adorable little pup has other ideas though…

2. This good doggo who's happy to wait

We're waiting for spring, this pup is waiting for his owner to come out of the shop. Our New Year's Resolution is to be this calm about it.

3. This adorable pooch who just wants to be involved

She's not begging for your dinner, she's just begging to be involved in the conversation. Okay?

4. These best friends who prove that love conquers all

We can't get enough of interspecies friendships. And these dog and cat buddies are the best two we've seen alllll week.

5. This pup who goes EVERYWHERE with her owner

The beauty of a teacup pup is that you can take them everywhere. Sometimes even in your pocket, like this adorable duo.

6. This cute pooch who will happily join you for a coffee

Caffeine will get you through January. Caffeine and this gorgeous little pup.

7. This tiny doggo who will provide service with a smile

If you want to get away for a weekend break, this pup will be on hand to welcome you.

8. This serious 9-5 working pup

What would make your work life better? This, we'd imagine.

9. This gorgeous doggo who loves you so much

No matter how grumpy you're feeling, this little lady absolutely adores you and she always will.

10. This pooch who's got all dressed up

It's the dreariest month so let's make like this adorable doggo who's lightening up the mood with his awesome fashion sense!