Watch: Woman about to be robbed is saved by two stray dogs

robber getting attacked by dogs dog-happy © Ecuavisa - Youtube

The incredible scene was filmed by a security camera in Ecuador. A woman was left unscathed after a malicious attack by a robber, thanks to two strays who came to her rescue.

By Justine Seraphin

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The woman was walking home alone, catching the attention of a dangerous thug.

Terrifying attack

The security footage shows the man running towards the woman at full speed. Hearing the heavy footsteps behind her, the woman turns around in a frenzy. When she realises what is about to happen, she tries to get away, but the man has already gotten a hold of her arm, and clearly doesn't plan on letting her go.

That’s when a couple of heroes enter the scene: two stray dogs run up behind the woman and start barking aggressively at the man. Putting themselves between the woman and the attacker, they begin to lunge at him, forcing him to move back.

The man, understandably intimidated by the powerful animals, steps back immediately, letting go of his hold on the woman, and running away.

Doggy heroes!

The two heroes are named Precioso and Hermoso (Beautiful and Handsome in Spanish). Though they are strays, they are loved by everyone in the community.

Neighbours regularly feed them and give them a good old scratch every once in a while. So it’s no surprise they didn't hesitate a single second to save one of their friends!

Since the attack, people in the area have become even more fond of the heroic pooches, with one woman saying:

“They are not simply dogs, they are our guardian angels.”

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