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Watch: Border Collie leads koala to drinking water amid the bushfire crisis

Watch: Border Collie leads koala to drinking water amid the bushfire crisis dog-happy
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Shared less than a week ago, this amazing video of a Border Collie helping a koala find water during the severe drought in Australia has understandably gone viral worldwide.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 13/01/2020, 17:00, Updated on the 20/01/2020, 17:22


For several months already, Australia's bush has been completely ravaged by the flames. It's been a catastrophic few weeks, both for humans who have lost their homes, but also for over 1 billion animals who have lost their lives.

Australia is burning

Rusty the Border Collie lives in South Australia with his paw-rents. Rusty shares his backyard with a ‘resident koala’ nicknamed Quasi, who likes to hang out in one of the trees there.

Rusty doesn't mind his koala neighbour much. In fact, they rarely cross paths. Koalas can spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping in trees, and eat primarily eucalyptus leaves, which normally keeps them hydrated.

However, with the extremely hot and dry weather, many koalas are no longer getting the water they need from their food. So this little guy had no other choice but to climb down his tree and look for somewhere to quench his thirst.

Amid the darkness, hope

That's when Rusty steps in, showing Quasi the way to a large plant pot filled with water. The koala is seen gripping to the side of the pot and bending down to draw in a few gulps. Rusty, looking very proud of himself, joins in with his marsupial friend.

Cuter still, the koala then turns to Rusty and gives him a little kiss on the nose, as if to say ‘Thank you’.


My neighbours Kevin and family have a resident Koala that comes down for a drink when it is really hot. Down yesterday and today. Riley Stone and Olivia Stone have a dog, Rusty, who knows the Koala pretty well and they are mates (buddies for you in the US) - here they are hanging out filmed by Danielle Stone . The family has some great videos of this lovely animal. (Yes the country is on fire, climate change is real and many politicians are in denial but nice to post something smiley). We can pray for more enlightened leadership in the future! PS Been a tad of interest in this post (180K views so far) so I have updated it to get the attribution correct.

Posted by Andrew Frost on Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Our hearts are with all the people and animals of Australia who are affected by the fires – news like these show us how resilient they are, and give us hope that everything will turn out alright in the end!