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WATCH: Woman hires dog walker, but checking dog-cam, she makes shocking discovery

Dog walker surveillance footage dog-angry
© Shayna_ABryan - Twitter

An angry New York dog owner has shared shocking surveillance footage that shows a dog walker doing the unthinkable instead of caring for the owner's pets.

By Zoe Monk , 13 Jan 2020


As a busy New Yorker, Shayna Bryan employed the services of a dog walking company to walk and care for her two beloved pups while she is out at work. Fortunately, Shayna also has a home surveillance system that revealed what the dog walker was really getting up to in Shayna's home.

And it wasn't caring for the two dogs.

Dog walking service

Shayna had been using Wag!, an app-based company that offers dog walking services, for the past three years. The dog walkers are employed to walk the dogs and make sure they are well cared for while their owner is out of the house.

On this particular day, she decided to check the live-stream footage of her home. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw on the screen that the dog walker was not only neglecting the two dogs, but could be seen stealing Shayna's coat, jewellery and purse.

Sounded alarm

Feeling completely helpless as she watched the woman in her apartment shamelessly steal from her, the only thing Shayna could do was sound an alarm.

The piercing siren interrupts the dog walker who was busy stuffing an expensive coat into a bag. Shayna also enabled the microphone on the surveillance app and told the dog walker to return her belongings immediately.

The dog walker stops what she is doing and quickly returns the coat to the cupboard and then leaves the apartment. The dogs watch on, seemingly confused about what was happening.

Horrified at what she saw, Shayna shared the footage on Twitter.

Shocking footage

The footage shows the woman coming back from a walk with the two dogs. Once the pooches are unleashed, the dog walker ignores them and starts rummaging through Shayna's possessions which she then stuffs into a bag.

“I immediately sounded my alarm and demanded she take my handbag out of her bag, which she ignored and quickly left the apartment. This recap, as you know, is captured in full on video. @WagWalking”, she posted on Twitter.

Dogs left vulnerable

Shayna complained on Twitter that the dog walker hadn't even buckled the dogs' harnesses before taking them out for thier walk, “leaving them vulnerable to running off, getting hurt or worse”, she posted.

“She completely compromised their safety. I can't stop thinking about all of the worst case scenarios that may have manifested”.

Police investigating theft

Since Shayna posted the video on Twitter, the company has been in touch with her to say they are working with the police to investigate the theft. The dog walker, an independent contractor, has also been sacked from the Wag! platform.

Heather Rothenberg from Wag! told People:  “In the rare case of an incident, we work directly with the pet parent and the appropriate authorities to address the situation.

“Our screenings include an application and verification process, as well as a background check that includes Social Security number trace, a facial recognition check against all official documents provided, a document check, a national criminal check, a country criminal check, a sex offender check, and a global watch list check”, she added.