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High-tech litter box analyses cats' droppings to keep you updated on their health

High-tech cat litter tray cat-wow
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If you worry about your cat's health and find it hard to tell if something's wrong, then a new high-tech litter box might be the perfect gadget for you and your feline.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 11/01/2020, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Cats are capable of hiding any signs they are feeling unwell or experiencing pain or discomfort. This can make it difficult for cat owners to know that something is wrong with their feline friend. But it is possible to check how your cat is by their monitoring their litter.

Intelligent litter box

When you scoop out your cat’s poo from their litter tray, you probably don't give it too much thought. After all, it's generally not our favourite job as cat owners. But a new high-tech cat litter box promises to check your feline's health for you by analysing their poo and wee.

Taiwanese startup company LuluPet has developed a unique cat litter box that utilises AI image restoration technology. Its built-in stool and urine image recognition will examine your cat's ‘deposits' and spot any abnormalities.

If you are lucky enough to have more than one cat then don't worry, the device can even determine which poo is from which cat.

Clever tech

The semi-enclosed litter box works by using lenses to detect whether the cat is defecating or urinating. It can detect how often your cat is going to the toilet, the litter weight and condition of the litter - whether it's normal, or if the cat may have constipation or diarrhoea.

Once the litter box has determined the condition of your cat's toileting through AI image restoration, it will then update you via the app on your cat's health.

It can even weigh your cat too, explains LuluPet founder James Wu in a YouTube video. The litter box will then let you know whether your feline friend is the correct weight or may need more or less food.

Devoted cat owners can watch a live feed of their feline's using the litter box if they wish, thanks to the built-in camera that's linked to a smartphone app. These images are compared with images of other cat poo stored in LuluPet's database to check that it looks normal.

The litter box can also be linked up to your Alexa or Google Home device, so you can check in with it every day to find out how your cat is doing.

Focused on feline health

It's not the first smart cat litter box to come to market. However, while most others are focused on automatic cleanup, the difference with LuluPet's device is that it is primarily focused on improving cat health.

If you are ‘feline’ like this is the tech you need to help you keep your kitty healthy and happy, then you only have to wait until March when it will go on sale on Amazon for $149.