10 weird things every dog owner does (but probably won’t admit to)

Our dogs definitely bring out our, ahem, stranger side dog-happy
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Dogs bring out the weird in us. Check out these ten strange behaviours that are oh-so common if you have a four-legged best friend - we bet you'll see yourself in them!

By Natasha James

Published on the 09/01/2020, 15:00

Us dog owners are a strange bunch. From baby voices to secretly praising bad behaviour, there are all sorts of weird and wonderful things we do with our pups. Check out the below and see which you're guilty of…

1. Talking to your dog in a way you'd NEVER talk a human

“Oh, you're such a gorgeous, cutey baby. Aren't you? Aren't you? Your Mama loves you.” Oh come on, we know you do it too!


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2. Secretly finding bad behaviour adorable

We know we should reprimand them for begging but they’re just so funny…


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3. Giving them a hundred different names

When they're at the vets, they're called Max or Daisy or Fido but at home they're Floof or Snoozles or Bunnykins or any other cute name that comes into our heads at that precise moment!


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4. Taking a close up of our dog and pretending they took a selfie

“Hold there, Fido. Yes, we've got it.” Surely, we've ALL been there, the pooch has got a bit too close and we've managed to snap the perfect picture that looks exactly like they've taken a selfie. It’s not just us, we're sure of it...


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5. Imagining what your dogs would be like as a human

“If my dog was a human, she'd definitely work in accounts...”


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6. Watching your dog sleep (and trying to film them snoring)

They're just SO cute when they're snoozing, throw in a little doggy snore and the camera's out and we're desperately trying not to wake them up so we can capture the sound!


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7. Assuming your dog understands every word you say

Our dogs understand us. They know when we're happy. They know when we’re sad. However, they probably don't understand it when we explain the intricacies of the new book we're reading or why our meeting at work didn't go as planned.


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8. Giving your dog their own voice

We spend all day chatting away to our dogs so it’s only fair that they have chance to respond every now and again. It's why they've all got their own specific voices (and they usually speak great English)!

9. Wrapping your dog up warm for the winter even though they're already covered in fur

It's cold out, there's snow on the ground and our little furry friends need big winter coats to keep them warm in winter. Even though they were born wearing a real fur head-to-toe onesie!


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10. Crying at angel dog memes

There are few things sadder in the world than a pooch who's passed over the rainbow bridge which is why memes like this make us sob.


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