Labrador dog squeezed in a train, his blind owner is left speechless!

Guide dog labrador on a train journey dog-sad
© Twitter @KikaTheGuideDog

A hell of a journey for a guide dog and his blind owner, left the whole of the UK puzzled about how guide dogs and owners are treated in public transports.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 08/01/2020, 22:00

Amit P. lives in London. He posted a picture on Twitter of himself with his dog in public transports. This image gives you an idea of how difficult everyday’s life can be for people with disabilities. This probably won’t be the first story you will read about a guide dog and its owner struggling to find a place in public transport, but unfortunately it happens often.

Amit’s loyal companion 

Amit, 37 years old, was a doctor and he went blind in 2012 due to a blood clot in his brain. After his accident, Amit decided to get a guide dog to help him in life. That’s when Kika, a labrador who had been trained as a guide dog, became a cornerstone in Amit’s life.

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A traumatic train journey 

It was raining and Amit and his guide dog Kika decided to board onto a crowded train from New Eltham to Waterloo East Station. The train journey took an unexpected turn. The floor was extremely slippery because of the rain. Amit and Kika couldn’t find a spot to sit. Nobody got up and offered their seats. As a result, Amit had to stand up all the way through the train journey constantly stumbling back and forth. Kika, his faithful dog refused to leave his sight, and was painfully squeezed between people’s feet and legs. This train ride felt like a never-ending journey. 

He writes on Twitter: “We walked to the end of the platform in the pouring rain so that we can board the designated disabled section on the @Se_Railway train & even with dad giving me the command “find a seat” not one passenger gave up their seat! ???”

Amit desperately wants people to be more considerate of disabled people and their guide dogs.