‘Britain’s loneliest dog’ finds forever home after six-year wait!

Doris waited six years for her forever home dog-happy
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It's a new year and a new beginning for the dog dubbed ‘Britain’s loneliest pooch!’ Doris spent six years waiting for the perfect family but is now living her happily ever after!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 08/01/2020, 11:00

All Doris the Lurcher ever wanted was someone to love.

Britain's loneliest dog

But after she was returned four times in six years to the same rescue centre, it's fair to say that she almost lost hope!

But the fantastic staff at Freshfields Rescue Centre in Liverpool were never going to stop until they found this adorable pooch a forever home, so they posted her sad story across social media.

Dawn Hurst is the Operations Manager for the centre. Speaking to The Mirror, she said:

"Having Doris back broke our hearts because she has never done anything wrong, she has just been really unlucky."

Thankfully, they didn't have to wait long until someone offered this dog exactly what she deserved.

Doris' new dog mum preferred to remain anonymous, but she's an experienced dog handler and has promised to treat her new fur-baby like a princess!

A spokesperson for the rescue centre said:

"Doris' new owner saw her sad story and knew instantly that she could offer her a good home. She has had a rescue lurcher in the past and knew what fantastic dogs they were."

"Staff instantly knew Doris had well and truly landed on her paws, and that she was going to be treated like a princess from here on."

They continued:

"We wish Doris and her new mum a life of love and happiness together!"

The ending we all wanted!

And although staff were sad to see Doris go, her new owner promised to keep in touch with the amazing people who never gave up on her!

It looks like all good things come to pooches who wait!


Doris - now adopted!

Posted by Freshfields Animal Rescue on Monday, January 6, 2020
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