Hero dog saves flock of sheep as Australia's bush-fires rage on

Pasty saved the lives of dozens of sheep dog-serious
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A brave Border Collie named Patsy put all her herding skills to use to rescue a flock of sheep from the deadly bushfires raging across Australia!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 07/01/2020, 15:35

Patsy the Border Collie lives on a farm in a rural town in Victoria, South Australia.

Like many parts of the country, Victoria has been affected by giant wildfires. The fires have already devasted vast areas of countryside, claiming the lives of thousands of wild and farmyard animals.

Patsy comes to the rescue

And today's death toll would be even higher if it wasn't for the amazing work of this hero pooch.

Patsy put everything on the line to round up a flock of sheep as her owner battled a 'wall of fire' with a tractor and tank of water.

The firefighting pair managed to save almost all the sheep, along with silage, hay bales, shearing shed, and the farmhouse.


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Dramatic photos show the extent of the fire, which Patsy's owner described as looking like 'armageddon.' Speaking to the Metro, she went on to say:

"Everyone is just trying to get water and feed to their animals, get temporary fences up to keep stock secure, and put out all the logs and stumps still burning."

"And there's people who have nothing left but the clothes on their backs."

A short clip posted by her owner shows Patsy sitting on the scorched earth after the fire had finally stopped.

All in a days work for Patsy

The pooch gets a 'good girl' from her owner, as well as some well-deserved strokes.

But despite Patsy's best efforts, more fires are on the way:

"They are expected to get worse around Thursday this week when hot, windy weather returns," warned Patsy's dog mum.

So it looks like Patsy might have to dust off her paws and put in another firefighting shift sooner than she expected.

But if any dog can do it, we know Patsy can!