Injured dog left for dead now has the BEST new life in the UK

Rescue dog Cher couldn't be happier with new life dog-happy
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A four-year-old Golden pup was left tied to a lamppost in Cyprus by cruel owners. Thankfully, a rescue charity found her and she now has the best life in the UK!

By Natasha James

Published on the 06/01/2020, 22:00

Cher, a Golden Retriever and Greek Kolkoni cross, was tied to a lamppost with a shattered leg in the town of Nicosia in Cyprus. Her injured leg made it impossible for her to get away and there's every likelihood that she wouldn't have survived if she hadn't be rescued by the D.O.G Rescue Cyprus animal charity.



Posted by Hayley Leece on Friday, October 18, 2019

The charity make it their mission to improve the lives of neglected and abandoned dogs and immediately sought veterinary treatment for Cher's injured leg.

After a period of treatment, she was deemed fit and well so the charity included her on their website where she caught the eye of British adventurer, Hayley Leece.

Ms Leece, who’s from Ambleside in Cumbria said,

“When we first saw photos of Cher online, she looked so broken. You could see the deep sadness in her eyes. I dread to think how much she must have suffered.”


Cher and Rudolf are Christmassed out! ❤️?

Posted by Hayley Leece on Thursday, December 26, 2019

A dog's life

Thankfully, a much better life was in store for Cher and after Ms Leece paid the £425 fee to fly her over from Cyprus, it has been uphill ever since.

Living in a beautiful part of the world, Hayley and Cher are inseparable and have so far climbed 107 of Lakeland's 214 fells, despite Cher’s “wonky leg”! They've also swam in lakes and generally made the most of their beautiful surroundings.

A sad past but bright future

Hayley says that Cher still whimpers at the sight of sticks, giving a sad insight into how she may have been treated before she was rescued.

Hayley is now raising money for D.O.G Rescue and has set up her own thanksgiving page which has currently raised almost £1,500.

We wish Cher and Hayley the longest and happiest lives and can't wait to see more of their fell adventures.