Frightened dogs left tied to vehicle after accident injures owners

Pups left frightened at busy roadside dog-sad
© Ronny M - YouTube

Two dogs were left frightened, alone and tied to an upturned vehicle after a horrifying traffic accident injured their owners and killed a third dog.

By Natasha James

Published on the 06/01/2020, 19:00

A sad tale

The heartbreaking incident took place in the Rheinland-Pfalz region in Germany on a very wintery day.

The dogs were travelling with their two owners and a third dog in a Suzuki car down the A61 past the small town of Dannstadt.

Police investigating the incident

It is not known exactly what caused the crash but according to local police, the driver seemed to lose control of the vehicle and the car left the road, rolling over several times before finally coming to a stop on its roof on a rural road nearby.

Sadly, the third dog travelling with them was killed and the male and female owners were rushed to hospital. Onlookers said that the dogs did not appear to be secured or in cages but riding freely in the car.

Confused and frightened

Following the incident, the two pups were left terrified as they were tied to the vehicle and left by the side of the busy road in icy conditions until relatives could come and collect them.

We're unsure exactly how long they were left tied here.

Vehicle safety for your pets

Possibly the most heart-breaking part of the story is that with adequate protection, the third dog may have survived. Harnesses and cages are available to protect animals on long car journeys and while they may seem unnecessary if your pet is a happy traveller, they could be invaluable if you're ever involved in a collision or accident.

We wish the couple all the best with their recuperation and hope that the dogs have recovered from their experience.