Shocked parents have their dog to thank for babysitter’s arrest

Picture of Finn and his mother Hope with dog Kilian dog-wow
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The parents of a 7-month-old can be thankful for their dog's efforts to warn them of a danger lurking within. Finn's mum and dad would otherwise have been none the wiser.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 06/01/2020, 11:00


In 2013, after a long search, Benjamin and Hope found a 21-year-old female nanny to look after their son Finn. However, their conscientious efforts to find someone reliable and trustworthy were in vain; their choice of help was not a wise one.

In the beginning, Finn's parents were oblivious to the nanny's assaults on their child. With no cameras installed in the house, they would leave Finn and dog Kilian – a Labrador/GSD cross – with someone who they thought possessed integrity and kindness.

Only after several months had passed did they suspect something was happening to their child when he was alone with the nanny. Had Kilian not raised an "alarm" things might have gone from bad to worse.

Speechless warning

Over time, when the nanny came to the house, the behaviour of Kilian changed. It seemed as though the mere sight of the nanny at the door caused his heckles to rise. He became nervous and agitated and, reported Live5, on several occasions Benjamin even had to hold the dog back from lunging at the nanny.

The dog was acting out of character, recalled Benjamin, and the reasons for his doing so were still not clear. Little did they know that the dog had witnessed the true evil of the nanny, and he knew Finn was in danger.

Caught on camera

Nevertheless, now intrigued by the behaviour of the dog, the couple placed an iPhone in the house and once more left Finn with the nanny.

According to Live5 they listened later to the nanny’s yelling at their son and on more than one occasion, slapping him. 

With Kilian's help, Benjamin and Hope reported the nanny to the police. She admitted assault and battery and was thrown a three year jail sentence.

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