Abandoned Cane Corso raises suspicions; shelter staff hot on the culprit’s trail

cane corso dog-angry
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When shelter staff discover this abandoned dog right before Christmas, they are stunned. Indeed, they fear that old acquaintances had struck again!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 05/01/2020, 11:00

Christmas spirit was somehow spoiled when an animal shelter in Ahrweiler, Germany, received a phone call on December 23rd about a dog that had been tied to a bench and left to fend for itself.

Much-needed rescue

The Cane Corso was immediately rescued and taken back to the shelter. Staff were saddened by his appalling condition: he was emaciated, and visibly had a lot of skin problems. Luckily, the dog is now in expert hands and is being well cared-for.


⚠️❗️?UPDATE? 30.13.19?❗️⚠️ ???Dank der zahlreichen Hinweise wurden unsere Vermutungen bezüglich des Paares bestätigt....

Posted by Tierheim und Tierschutzverein Kreis Ahrweiler e.V. on Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Criminal couple on the loose

Though the dog had no microchip, shelter staff have a suspicion about where this dog may come from.

Around 2 weeks prior, the shelter had received information about a couple in the area. These people supposedly have the habit of repeatedly buying dogs on the internet – even they have already been sentenced with pet-owning bans.

However, because people selling dogs online only care about making money, they don't check the owners’ background, hence why so many dogs end up in the hands of such bad people.

So why does the couple insist on buying so many dogs when they just end up abandoned anyway? Well, their priority is to try to sell the dogs at first, at an even higher price than the one they were bought for. If that doesn't work, they just bring them to an animal shelter, or, in this case, abandon them in the middle of nowhere.

The animal shelter in Ahrweiler says they have found at least 20 such dogs in the past few months. They are actively searching for the criminal couple.

We can't say it enough – adopt or buy your dogs from reputable breeders! Never purchase animals online!