Is this the UK’s loneliest dog? Meet the pooch who’s NEVER had a home

This adorable dog has spent his whole life in shelter and now wants a home dog-sad
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Despite being rescued as a pup, poor little Stevie has spent his entire life in a shelter and is still looking for his forever home after seven years.

By Natasha James

Published on the 02/01/2020, 19:00

An abandoned pup

Stevie the Greyhound was found wandering alone as a pup. Likely abandoned by his owners, the friendly Grey was taken in by the Dog's Trust Shrewsbury back in 2013.

As little Stevie was a sociable and playful pup, shelter workers believed they'd have no problem finding him a home. His young age was sure to make him an appealing prospect to potential forever homes, too.

Adopting an older dog?

Puppies are often homed right away with the rehoming process sometimes taking longer for older dogs. But, much to the surprise of shelter workers, the weeks turned to months and the months turned to years and poor Stevie still didn't have his forever home.


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Louise Campbell, manager at the Dog’s Trust said of Stevie,

“He is quite sociable with people, he just needs that initial introduction and once he is comfortable with you he loves you. He loves going in the the car, seeing new things and doing new things. When he is at home he just loves to snooze on his bed.”

Shelter workers say he has the typical greyhound trait of having bursts of zoomy energy followed by long and lazy naptimes.


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Stevie just wants his forever home

He's ideally looking for a home without other dogs or children and preferably one where he can have a routine. He loves playing with his squeaky toys and has a lovely silly nature. For more info on the adoption process for Stevie, check out his page on Dog’s Trust website.

We're big believers in adopting over shopping here at Wamiz and if you’re New Year's Resolution is to invite a furry friend into your home then why not consider Stevie? Watch the video below, he's hard to resist!


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