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Pair of Sphynx cats mocked for looking different become Instagram stars

Sphynx cats cat-wow
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Two hairless Sphynx cats with different coloured eyes have finally found the online adoration they deserve after being teased for their unusual appearance.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 04/01/2020, 15:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Sphynx cats are one of the most unusual looking feline breeds. But while these cats stand out for being entirely hairless, mother and daughter duo Rosie and Poppy are extra unique, thanks to their eyes.


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Both cats have heterochromia, which means their eyes are two different colours, yellow and blue. But while the combination makes these cats look striking, owner Sarah Jenkins in the US has received hateful comments about the pair.


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The cats’ odd coloured eyes and their pink hairless skin has led to them being branded strange, weird and even mean.

This led Sarah to share pictures of her beloved felines on social media to show just how adorable they are.

It didn't take long before the pair’s Instagram account reached nearly 40,000 followers, attracting comments from cat lovers around the world, celebrating the feline duo’s unique look.

Thousands of likes

“I started our cats’ social media after someone said that they looked ‘weird’ and ‘mean’,” Sarah told The Daily Mail.

The pair's Instagram account now has over 200 photos and videos, each attracting thousands of likes and comments from cat lovers enjoying watching the felines playing and snuggling up together.


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“People started reacting positively to their photos, and I thought that showed that despite their unique look, people can see how amazing these cats are.”

Not all the comments Sarah has received about the cats have been positive and Sarah almost closed down the account.


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“I'm a very private and sensitive person,” she said. “So once the account started getting bigger, and sometimes got negative and hurtful comments, I really wanted to stop posting. However, I realised that showing how kind and loving they are might help people overcome the negative stereotypes that accompany Sphynx cats and their different appearance.”

Affectionate and loving felines

While people may judge the cats on their looks, Sarah says that Sphynx cats are actually the most affectionate and loving breed she's ever had.


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“Sphynx cats are often referred to as ‘Velcro cats’, they are extremely loving and want to be as close to you as possible,” she added.

“I can’t speak for other Sphynx owners, but Rosie and Poppy are more loving than any cat I’ve ever had, they will attempt to sit on my shoulder like a parrot, just to be as close to me as they can be.”


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Mismatched eyes

Both cats have Heterochromia which can occur in not only cats but dogs and even humans too. It is a very rare condition that often only happens in felines with white fur. While Rosie and Poppy are considered pink in colour due to their pink hairless skin, if the pair did, in fact, have fur it would be white.

“Their eye colour just makes them even more special,” Sarah added.