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Woman locks herself out of her house but her clever cat comes to the rescue

Cat opens door for owner cat-wow
© Claire Paynter - Facebook

She thought she would be stuck outside for hours after locking herself out of the house. But in just a few minutes her feline friend was able to let her back inside.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 01/01/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Many of us have experienced that awful moment when we realise we’ve locked ourselves out of the house. But for Claire Paynter, she was determined to get back inside with the help of her clever kitty.

Locked out

It had been a busy day for Claire doing household chores which saw her go in and out of the house for most of the day. But just as she was going to go back inside, to her horror, the door handle fell off. There was no way for Claire to open the door without it. She desperately tried to find a way to get back into the house.

Then her ginger cat Gingee appeared at the door.

Feline rescuer

Little Gingee was meowing to Claire through the glass, no doubt confused as to why she hadn’t come back into the house. An idea struck Claire that she could use Gingee to help her get back inside.

With nothing to lose, Claire decided to try to get Gingee to open the door for her.

Knowing how stubborn cats can be and they are not always the easiest animals to train, Claire wasn't feeling too hopeful.

“I wasn't really expecting it to work,” she told The Dodo.

Curious cat

Claire started to tap on the window. Gingee was curious to see what his owner was doing so he jumped on top of the washing machine. Claire realised that this meant the cat was now level with the door handle and it could be her one chance to get him to let her back in.

“I kept tapping on the window and pointing to the door handle,” Claire said.

For 10 minutes, Claire tapped the window hoping Gingee would eventually understand what she needed him to do.

Eventually, Gingee got the idea.

Claire watched in amazement as her feline friend reached out and grabbed the door handle with his paws and opened the door.

Clever cat

Claire was so proud of her clever cat and delighted that her 10 minutes of cat training had actually done the trick.

Claire shared photos of what happened on Facebook and you can see how Gingee gradually works out what he needed to do to help his owner.

Security risk

But then she realised that she may have actually created a whole new problem for herself.

“Now I'll have to make sure he doesn’t let anyone else in,” Claire said.