Photographer travels the world taking adorable pictures of pooches

'Barking' has over 100 pics of pups dog-wow
© Chris Porsz - Facebook

A pooch loving photographer spent a year travelling around the world to take snaps of dogs. He's now released a photo-book called Barking, and it's absolutely awesome!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 01/01/2020, 13:00

British photographer Chris Porsz has two loves - taking pictures and cute pooches.

Pictures of pooches

So he decided to combine his passions by touring the world and capturing pictures of the dogs he met along the way!

And you can see them all for yourself in 'Barking,' a photo-book with over 100 adorable pictures of pups.

Porsz travelled all over Europe to meet the local four-legged residents.

He then jetted to New York to see how dogs do it in the Big Apple, waiting two hours outside Trump Tower for the perfect photo opportunity.

He admits there are easier ways to capture dogs on camera, but was drawn to the project by the sense of spontaneity:

"I love the spontaneity of the streets, and I'm inspired by what I see rather than what I can imagine in a studio," said Porsz. "I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, but when I see a dog walking around in a pink tutu, how can you go wrong?" 

He also discovered a whole new way of looking at dogs and compared their unique personalities to humans. Porsz said:

"Like people, they have their own personalities. Curious, both timid and bold towards me and my camera." 

Camera-shy pups

And just like humans, some of the pooches were a little camera shy:

"Occasionally I have had dogs growl and bark at me as I guess they are spooked at this barking man trying to take their picture," he continued. "Makes a good picture, though! I once got too close and a Yorkie cocked his leg over the camera!"

You can see the rest of the pictures by getting your paws on a copy of Barking!