Man leaves $1,000 tip for bartender to pay for her sick dog's vet bill!

A customer left a $1,000 tip for Tucker's vet bills dog-wow
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A pooch owning bartender was left lost for words after a customer left a $1,000 tip to help pay for her dog's veterinary bills following lifesaving surgery!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 31/12/2019, 13:00

People love talking about their four-legged friends. So when a couple asked bartender Christina Summitt about the dog tattoo on her wrist, she soon opened up about her beloved Labrador mix called Tucker.

Tucker's sad story

In fact, she was glad she finally had someone to talk to! Tucker had just undergone lifesaving surgery after swallowing a tennis ball, and it was a relief to share his story with a pair of fellow dog lovers.

Christina said:

"I know I teared up talking about him. I was devastated. I was, at this point, so emotionally exhausted that I just broke down."

The sympathetic couple asked Christina about the vet bills and were shocked to find out that they'd come to almost $3,000!

Christina had more customers to serve, but she kept checking back on the couple throughout the rest of the night.

When they finally asked for the bill, Christina presented them with a check for $80. But when it was time to settle up, she noticed the couple had added a rather large tip - a $1,000 to be exact!

"I went back over and said 'Sir, I cannot accept this, what is this for, why would you do this?" said Christina.

The man told her to keep the money and put it toward Tucker's vet bill. Christina was speechless!

"I just stood there in shock. I walked around and hugged this couple. They said, 'We'll be praying for Tucker," explained Christina.

A lesson for everyone

A local news agency contacted the man, but he preferred to remain anonymous. But he did have a message for Christina:

"Hopefully this will inspire other people to pay it forward," he wrote.

Maybe we could all learn a lesson from one stranger's act of kindness!