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Cat goes missing; six years later owners get the best Xmas present ever!

Tabs came home after six years cat-wow
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A 19-year-old cat who went missing six years ago was reunited with its owners on Christmas eve after a passerby spotted it lying by the side of the road in a 'pitiful' state.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 31/12/2019, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Tabs the cat disappeared back in 2013. He went out on his adventures one day and just never came back.

His distraught owners put up signs, contacted local animal shelters, and posted his story on social media.

Tabs owners give up hoping

But after months of searching and hoping, they finally resigned themselves to a life without their beloved Tabs.

Fast forward six years and Lisa Jones is walking home from a Christmas shopping trip.

She then spots a little furball curled up by the side of the street. Lisa can see the cat needs help, and later described it as looking 'emaciated' and 'pitiful.' Lisa said: 

"I thought, you know what, that cat needs looking after. I used to be homeless myself. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, because I know what it's like."

Lisa alerted animal rescuers, who quickly dispatched two officers to collect the cat.

Back at the shelter, rescuers were delighted to find the cat had a microchip revealing its owner's contact details.

Tab's cat parents, Jude and John Kinloch, thought it was a prank call at first. But when reality set in, the pair couldn't contain their emotion. After six long years, Tabs was coming home!

The second coming of Tabs the cat

"My husband hasn't stopped crying since," said Jude Kinloch. "He was looking at Tabs on his tablet the other day. He still has her on it as his screensaver. He has never changed it. It was like he had been reunited with his best friend."


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The Kinloch's had plenty of things on their Xmas list this year, but they ended up with the one thing they thought would never come back! Now that's what we call a festive miracle!