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Two Persians abandoned in a box on Christmas eve with a heart-breaking note

Grey persian cat in grass cat-sad
© Pixabay

Two Persian cats were abandoned on Christmas Eve. They were found with note next to them which instructed whoever found them to please take care of them.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 28/12/2019, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

The events took place in the Milan Biococca area, in 2018. A kind passer-by noticed a cardboard box as he walked down the street. Inside were two Persian cats, of about 6 months of age.

A sad message

When the animal rescue staff arrived on site to pick them up, they noticed something very strange about them : they were clean, well fed, and seemed healthy, quite to the contrary of most street cats that are found.

Clearly, these cats were no strays, they had belonged to someone, and that person had abandoned them.

Next to the cats, rescuers found a note which read as follows :

“They are two very good and loving cats and I care a lot about them but I can’t take care of them anymore. I hope someone can adopt them.”

A happier future

Rescuers were heart-broken reading the note. They know all too well the plight of many people who's circumstances change in a way that they are no longer able to care for their pets. Still, they wish this person had dropped the animals off at the shelter rather than left them outside on a cold night. The poor kittens could've easily frozen to death, or perhaps have even been run over by cars.

Thankfully, they were found in time. They were brought to the shelter in Aquila, where they had a nice, warm place to sleep. Due to their breed, it was very easy for them to find a forever home. They are now living together with a family who will never leave them behind!