Stray pup finds shelter away in a manger, cuddled up close to baby Jesus

stray dog cuddled up to doll in manger dog-happy
© Bernard8042 - Youtube

It was Christmas day when visitors of this Nativity scene noticed there were two occupants in the baby's manger. A small dog had made himself at home next to baby Jesus!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 27/12/2019, 22:00

Every year in Criciuma, Brazil, a Nativity scene is set up for Christmas. But in 2016, something happened which made the set up even more special.

Finding shelter

A little stray mix-breed had made his way into the manger where the doll representing baby Jesus was laying.

It seemed he had taken residence there to get away from the cold – perhaps he thought the doll would offer him some body warmth?

The pup had definitely found the perfect spot to rest. He fell into a deep sleep instantly, cuddling up close to the doll.

Though he could've been bothered by all the visitors walking by, he just kept sleeping soundly.

Perhaps this was the most comfortable bed he'd had in months, or simply, he enjoyed the ‘company’. Whatever it was, the little pup sure melted hearts with his choice of bed.

A Christmas miracle

The little stray understandably became a bit of a star. Visitors came to see him and offered him cuddles and fuss. All of which he happily accepted.

And then – a Christmas miracle! Someone decided to take him home with them, offering him the best possible gift for the holidays: a warm and loving forever home.

We are so thankful for the person who took this little guy in. Every animal deserves a loving home!