Woman quits job, gets puppy and starts the best life ever

Woman goes on the road with her dogs dog-wow
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On a bad day, many of us have had the urge to quit everything and run away with our dogs. This woman did just that and could not be happier.

By Natasha James

Published on the 30/12/2019, 10:00

We're not sure what happened on the exact day that Sydney Ferbrache decided to quit her job, dump her boyfriend and travel the world with her dog, Ella, but we bet she's very glad it did.


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An internet hit

Sydney has become something of an internet sensation and has over 113, 000 followers on Instagram. The page documents her travels across America with the company of her gorgeous Golden Retriever, Ella and tiny Chihuahua, Pearl.


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Sydney is a bit of an inspiration to all of us who've ever considered doing something completely different. In a bid to inspire others to follow her path, she said:

“You don't need a ton of money. You can do it with kids. You can do it no matter what your circumstances! Once you hit the road, nothing else matters besides the future you now have exploring a new adventure.”

A life-long explorer

Sydney started her travelling journey by backpacking alone through South Africa. She loved every minute of it and knew the adventurer lifestyle was for her.

When she returned home, she saved for the van and for some starter cash by working three different jobs and then once she had enough, she hit the road.


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She makes money by blogging and through her Instagram page where she shares pictures of the various states and glorious backdrops that you can find in different parts of the US.

We wish you ladies all the very best love and luck for exploring the world. We'll see you out there one day (even if only in our dreams)!


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