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Mum horrified to find family cat left ‘present’ in snowy Elf On The Shelf scene

Elf On The Shelf cat-happy
© Katie Wright - Facebook

Many parents create fun Elf On The Shelf scenes for their kids to find. But one mum was horrified to discover her cat's contribution to her snowy elf scene.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 28/12/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Since the start of December, social media has been full of photos showcasing all the different antics the mischievous elf gets up to. But for one family, it wasn't just their elf that was getting up to mischief this time.

Snow angel elf

Kate Wright came up with the idea of ​​spreading sugar over the kitchen worktop to create a snow angel elf. She left the elf in the middle for her young children Oscar and Kiera to discover the next day.

"It's only my first year doing the elf as my eldest is only just four," Katie Told The Sun

"Oscar has really enjoyed it though and we've taken it easy knowing we probably have a decade of elf placements ahead of us. So when I saw online someone do the snow angel elf, I thought that would be nice and easy. It only took five minutes so I took a picture and headed off to bed. ”

Overpowering smell

But as the family walked into the kitchen the next day, there was an overpowering smell. 

"My first thought wasn't that is was anything to do with the elf - I picked Oscar up, worried we were about to step in something."

Unbelievable discovery

It didn't take Kate long to find the source of the smell.

"The smell got stronger and I saw it ... A GIANT poo with the elf," she said.

It seems that Katie's elderly cat Tilly had mistaken the sugar on the kitchen worktop for her litter tray !

“Poo on the kitchen”

"I screamed but my son luckily just laughed and shouted 'poo on the kitchen,'" Katie said.

Once she'd recovered from the initial shock, Kate quickly tried to clear up the giant poo before Kiera came into the room.

"So I was flapping a bit and all of a sudden the cat jumped back up and started shuffling the sugar and I thought 'oh god she's going to wee too' so I chased her out the cat flap and suddenly burst into hysterical laughter."


"Oscar thought I was crying and started saying 'it's ok mum'.”

Katie decided to share her experience online with other parents and it quickly went viral with 43k shares and over 41k comments. 

"I posted online and it went mad,” she said.

"I suppose it is funny - it looks as though my Elf on the Shelf for the day was a giant poo. Not exactly mother of the year as I had to swear Oscar to secrecy when he went to school later that day.”

Tilly the Diva

Katie says that her cat Tilly is a bit of a diva and not a fan of human company. 

"She was ok and would accept the odd cuddle pre-children but she's really never forgiven us for having the children. It didn't help that we've been renovating this big house and have just moved in so she's had a litter tray for a month.

"She was probably just desperate and really, she's just an old lady that wants to be left alone."

We hope Katie and her family have forgiven Tilly for her litter mishap.

Cat On The Shelf

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