8 dogs guaranteed to make you smile

The cutest pooches on the internet this week dog-happy
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If you've had one too many mince pies and could do with a break from all things Christmas, take a look at this list of doggos who are guaranteed to make you smile.

By Natasha James

Published on the 27/12/2019, 15:18

We're in that strange in-between phase, it's not quite time to celebrate New Year yet but we're not sure if we should finally turn off Michael Bublé’s Christmas album either. Don't worry, to help ease you through the transition between Christmas and New Year, we've scoured the internet to show you the best dogs around.

1. This pug who's proven that dogs are just as good on the inside

This might just be the best thing we've ever seen. If you’ve ever wondered if dogs are as good on the inside as they are on the outside then this image proves it beyond any reasonable doubt.

2. This adorable pup who's fallen in love with a leaf

Some puppers struggle to work out the difference between inside and outside. This tiny pup just wants to bring a little bit of the outside in with him. Plus, he thinks you might want to see it – it's a great leaf, little guy.

3. This dog who's made us cry for all the right reasons

We've, erm, got a little something in our eye! This little pup had been missing for two weeks and when she turned up to pick her young buddy up from school, the results were emotional.

4. This fried chicken pupper

You have to squint to see it but once you've spotted the resemblance between these little pups and fried chicken, you'll want one of your very own (and maybe some fried chicken, too).

5. This patient doggo is the best traveller

The sweater, the patient stance, the tail wag, all goes to prove that if you need a travel companion, this pup is perfect.

6. This pooch making friends at the traffic lights

Let's face it, there's nothing as guaranteed to make a journey enjoyable than spotting a pup with its head out of the window. This lucky fella managed to get out of his car and give this gorgeous dog a whole lot of fuss before the lights changed.

7. This pup knows he's home

Some pups don't find their forever homes until they're big and grown, others, like this little guy, know how lucky they are to have found home as a pup.

8. This hilarious pup who is NOT impressed

This pup's owner got a new gaming headset and the pup is highly dubious of it!