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Man devastated when his car hits a dog, then dazed to hear it’s not a dog at all

Man hit dog on road dog-wow


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It's a case of mistaken identity that left one man very confused after he assumed he had hit a German Shepherd but it actually turned out to be something very different.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 29/12/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Hitting anything with your car is probably one of our greatest fears when we are out on the road. Realising that you've hit someone's beloved family pet is a terrible feeling, even if it was an unavoidable accident.

One driver in Canada knows this feeling all too well.


Eli Boroditsky was on his way to work his nightshift one evening when a dog suddenly appeared in the road in front of his car. Eli couldn’t do anything about it. With no way to avoid the animal, Eli's truck hit at around 55mph.

Devastated at what had just happened, Eli pulled over and went over to the lane where the injured animal was. As Eli explained to CBC News he assumed the poor creature was either a German Shepherd or a Husky. He picked up the dog and put it in his car.

"I was hesitant to leave it lying there because [I was] thinking that it was a dog and there might be wild animals around, it might get hurt,” he said.

Perhaps stunned by what had happened to it, the dog was surprisingly docile and allowed Eli to stroke it.

Surprise discovery

But when Eli got to work and showed one of his colleagues the dog in his car, he soon discovered that it had been a case of mistaken identity. He was quickly informed that the animal in the back of his car wasn't a domestic dog. It was actually a wild coyote.


Thanks @yahoocanada for helping us spread the word on how to care for our #canadawildlife ? #Repost @...

Posted by Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre on Sunday, December 1, 2019

The next day, the coyote was taken to the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre, where it is now recovering. Fortunately, the coyote only suffered a few cuts and is in good health despite its ordeal. Once it has made a full recovery, it will be released back into the wild.

Warning to motorists

But while it's a heartwarming story, it’s recommended that people should not pick up wild animals, regardless of whether they are injured. Zoe Nakata from the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre said: "If an animal is large and is a predator – if their behaviour and natural behaviours are aggressive – then we always, always ask people to be cautious and to call people to help.

"If you're not sure, just give us a call and sometimes we do tell people just put a towel around it, put it in a box and drive it to the centre."


This coyote is patient no. 2100 at Wildlife Haven for the 2019 year! ?? Thanks to generous donors and volunteers, we...

Posted by Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre on Friday, November 29, 2019

Eli had no idea that the animal he picked up off the road was a coyote and had simply assumed it was a dog and was concerned "that if a preying animal came by, it would kill it,” he added.

Road to recovery

Following all the attention the story got, the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre posted an update on their Facebook page: "Some have been asking for an update on our coyote patient. We dare say she may be the most famous Manitoba Coyote in recent history! We've been getting calls from media from across Canada and the US!"

"The Coyote is slowly healing from her injuries. She is eating well which is a good sign. We will continue to assess her condition and adjusting her care plan as needed."


Some have been asking for an update on our coyote patient. We dare say she may be the most famous Manitoba Coyote in...

Posted by Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre on Wednesday, December 4, 2019