Watch: Shelter owner helping a paralysed dog to walk again

Hugo is helped onto his legs by Takis dog-happy


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A shelter in Greece struggling to make ends meet has shared a video of the miraculous recovery of one of its wards. A paralysed dog walks again thanks to owner Takis.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 28/12/2019, 15:00

It was 2013 when Takis, a resident of Ierapetra in Greece, founded his shelter. His first patient was a homeless dog (of which there are many in Greece) with a broken leg. Takis looked after the dog, nursed him back to health and found it a new home.

It wasn't long until more dogs and cats were being cared for by Takis, who was urged by his neighbours to find somewhere more fitting to house his animals.

Today, according to Takis' Facebook details, the shelter is a temporary home to 350 dogs, 50 cats, 6 goats and 2 sheep.

Hugo's miracle

And it was earlier this year that one more dog was brought into his care: a short-haired sighthound called Hugo. When he was found Hugo was unable to walk, partly due to malnourishment and dehydration; his legs were also inexplicably paralysed.

Takis was urged to have the dog euthanized but he persevered with the dog. Takis helped Hugo every day for weeks, lifting him gently onto his feet in order that the dog could build up the strength in his limbs.

The video shows the progress of Hugo from the moment he was brought to the shelter: at first, unable to support his own weight until finally being able to run with the other dogs.

Hugo's recovery was so complete that Takis was able to offer him to an adopting family from Belgium.

The Takis Shelter, Greece

You can find out more about Takis' shelter on his Facebook page. Takis welcomes potential adopting families from abroad.

The shelter relies purely on donations from the public and it costs Takis 8,000 Euro a month to keep running. Without the help of like-minded and generous animal lovers, the shelter would not survive, and the animals he looks after would be consigned to the street and an uncertain future.

Watch the video here:

Guy Spends Weeks Teaching A Paralyzed Dog How To Run Again

This is what a miracle looks like ✨

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