Toddler plays hide and seek with the most unlikely playmate

Black GSD chases toddler in living room dog-happy
© Rumble Viral – YouTube

In an age of video games and expensive distractions the simplest pleasure can still be found in a game of hide and seek. But would you choose a GSD as the seeker?!

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 28/12/2019, 13:00

A video posted on YouTube earlier this year proves once and for all that a dog really is our best friend, and will play with us as though we are one of the gang. It also proves that the German Shepherd, which many regard as dangerous, is a breed of gentleness and love (if brought up well).

Here we see a young boy holding a dog toy and being “chased” around a sofa by a GSD. The dog clearly enjoys the moment as much; at times catching the child and nuzzling him. Watch the video and witness the union of human and animal growing stronger with each passing second.


The black German Shepherd in the video is especially known for its striking looks. The fur of the black GSD is straighter than the standard of the breed and grows longer and more feathered.

In terms of temperament, the GSD is no quicker to anger and aggression than the Bichon Frise. The reason people are wary of the former is naturally due to its size and strength. The bite of a GSD will be far more painful than that of a Bichon!

Brought up in a well-adjusted environment and shown love and affection, the GSD is a loyal, obedient and approachable dog.

Service dogs

The preference of the armed forces and law enforcement of the GSD stems from its trainability. Its stamina and strength are also traits favoured by agencies. But a dog that can be trained to detect, apprehend and guard need not necessarily be blood-thirsty; the breed is sought more for its intelligence than anything else.

You can watch the video on YouTube from this link: