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Little stray Yoda cat with the most adorable ears just wants to be loved

Cat with unusual ears cat-happy
© Jana Aviles - Facebook

A poorly little female kitten with a pair of very unusual ears was brought to a rescue shelter desperate for love and she very quickly melted everyone's heart.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 26/12/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Rescue shelters take in kittens every day. But for one animal shelter, an adorable stray kitten stood out as a very special kitty.

The kitten was brought to a rescue centre in Rowan County in North Carolina. Believed to be a stray, staff quickly noticed that the poor kitty had a wound on her neck and an upper respiratory infection. They immediately took the cat to Cabarrus Animal Hospital for treatment.

Sticks tongue out

While staff soon noticed that she was a friendly and affectionate cat, her Yoda-like ears were just one thing that made this kitty stand out. She is also missing her incisors which could be why the cat often can be spotted with her tongue sticking out.

While it may make her look rather cheeky, it just adds to her overall cuteness.

Shelby Beers, a veterinary technician who helped to care for the cute kitty told Love Meow:

"They aren't sure about her (exact) age. She is young, maybe around a year old. She's very small for an adult cat.

"She's healing well and is resting comfortably with lots of love from the staff here."

The little kitten is very affectionate with the staff and keen to be cuddled as much as possible.

"We carry her around in our hoodies like a baby kangaroo, and she just falls asleep," Shelby said.

Yoda cat

The cat doesn't have an official name yet, but the staff have been affectionally calling her the Yoda cat thanks to her rather unusual helicopter ears which resemble those of Baby Yoda.

"She's quiet and shy but melts in your hands when you start petting her. She is just a petite little cuddle-bug, a lap cat," Shelby added.

Yoda cat remains at the animal hospital while she recovers and then it's hoped that she will be able to find a forever home before too long.