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Doggy daycare shares photos of their clients during naptime, and they're adorable

Sleeping puppy dog-happy
© puppyspring_ - Instagram

A puppy daycare centre in South Korea has given the internet a huge injection of cuteness with a series of photos that have come close to melting the internet.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 26/12/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

There's something magical about puppies, their cute little faces, tiny paws and just their general overall adorableness. Thanks to Puppy Spring daycare centre in South Korea you can immerse yourself every day in an array of cute puppy photos and videos.

Puppy love

There are photos of the young pups chasing each other, playing with toys, high-fiving with staff, celebrating each others birthdays and generally getting up to puppy mischief.

There are even pictures of the pups wearing the most adorable little jumpers.

Cuteness overload

But if that wasn't enough, the puppy nursery has also been posting certain photos that are overloaded with cuteness. The photos show the adorable little pups taking a nap on little puppy-sized mattresses, snuggled under tiny blankets.

The pups all look comfy and cosy as they snooze away happily together.

The daycare centre looks after pups from 12 weeks old when their owners aren't home during the day to give the young dogs the care and attention they need. The doggy market is huge in South Korea and owners spare no expense on their canine companions.

Rest and recharge

At this pup nursery, the cute canines can take part in different games and there are even special exercises that they do to help them with their doggy training. But it can be tiring being a little pup, so they all have a well-earned nap during the day where they can rest and recharge.

Adorable furballs

In this rare quiet time, the staff at the pup nursery take the opportunity to snap the sleeping pups which they post to their Instagram page.

And with nearly 10k followers, it's clear to see that dog-lovers can't get enough of looking at these adorable furballs.