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Kate Beckinsale's 'grumpy xmas cat' post takes Instagram by storm

Clive maybe the new grumpy cat! cat-happy
© katebeckinsale - Instgram

Kate Beckinsale is well known for her kitty-themed Instagram pics, but the British star's latest post of a rather grumpy looking Christmas cat is the best one yet!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 24/12/2019, 16:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

The avid cat lover shared the hilarious post last Thursday. It shows Clive the cat sitting under the Christmas tree in a full Santa Claus costume.

A new grumpy cat?

But it's the look on Clive's face that had everyone in stitches. It's fair to say that he looks less than impressed with his festive get-up!


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Have we finally found a worthy replacement for the late, great Grumpy Cat?

Looking through Kate's Instagram page, you'd think Clive would be used to dressing up by now! Previous pics show Clive dressed as a gipsy princess and even a lobster!


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Kate is a self-confessed cat person. When asked about her love for kitties, she said:

"I'm very much a cat person. Cats are easier than dogs. You don't have to walk around with a bag of poo like you do with a dog...I hate to walk around with a bag of poo."

But despite Clive's gruff exterior, Kate assured fans that he's a very happy cat and that he doesn't really mind the costumes!

When he isn't playing dress-up for his cat mum, Clive loves finding comfy little snugs to explore. Kate said:

"Clive's favourite things in the world are suitcases and boxes and bags, if you bring home a pair of sneakers or take out bag, he's immediately inside it."

Clive has a cat sister named Willow and Pomeranian dog brother, although you'll never catch them in a Santa costume.

Cats in costumes

So remember, as hilarious as they are, cat costumes are only suitable for some pets.

Never force your cat into a costume. If they seem uncomfortable or put up any kind of struggle, then put the costumes back in the box.

You can always scroll through Instagram instead!


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