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Firefighters devastated after feline crew member forced to leave station

Firestation cat cat-sad
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A team of firefighters in San Francisco are reeling after a much-loved feline member of their team was forced to leave the station following a complaint.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 25/12/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Cat lovers know all too well the amazing impact of having a feline friend around. They help to reduce stress, keep us company and just make our day go by with a smile. But for one firefighting crew, they are now having to cope without their feline team member.

Little Edna

It all started when one day out of the blue little Edna, a pretty stray tortoiseshell kitten, wandered into San Francisco’s Fire Station 49. The fire department instantly took a shine to the little cat and took her in. She immediately became part of the fire station family.


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Important role

Edna took on a valuable role at the fire station. She would meet and greet crew members and visitors with a meow and could often be found snuggling up to her co-workers. She even helped keep mice and birds out of the fire station while also providing much-needed therapy to stressed firefighters.


But her time with the fire department has been cruelly cut short following an anonymous complaint about the cat. The firefighters have been told that Edna must leave the station.


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Devastated at the news they would lose their beloved feline crew member, the firefighters took to Instagram for help. With her very own Instagram page, Edna soon gained followers from all around the world who joined in the fight to help her keep her job at the station.


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The complaint led to an internal investigation which subsequently resulted in little Edna needing a new home. The San Francisco Fire Department even released a statement about Edna's departure.

It said: “The workplace in question is not a fire station, but an ambulance deployment facility where medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals used by ambulance staff are housed. An investigation concluded that having the cat in the facility compromised the sterility of supplies and equipment used on patients.”

In a desperate bid to keep Edna at the station, she was certified as a resident therapy cat. But that wasn't enough.

Goodbye Edna

A message posted on Instagram, along with a rather sad looking photo of Edna looking back to her former workplace, said: “Leaving Sta49. She has somewhere to go now but it just sucks to uproot a once feral cat from her home of 5yrs and one that she could come and go as she pleased but chose to stay with unlimited 24/7 loving from 200+ amazing EMS members.

"All this over an “anonymous” complaint that was made with malicious intent.” 


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Happy ending

But there is some good news for Edna. Following her departure from the fire station, an employee from the Ambulance Deployment Facility has adopted Edna. Her former co-workers are delighted that their special feline friend has found a new loving home but still miss her at the station.


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