Little Pom in face-off with huge Pitbull shows he's boss in the funniest way

The hilarious clip suprised everyone dog-wow
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A Youtube video shows the moment when a Pomeranian came face to face with a giant Pitbull named Bokito. And it's fair to say that the little guy more than stood his ground!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 25/12/2019, 20:00

Bokito isn't just a Pitbull; he's a super-sized pitbull. In fact, you could say he's a real bruiser!

A big first impression

With his giant square head, powerful shoulders, and beer barrel frame, he makes quite the first impression.


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But a recent encounter with a tiny Pomeranian left Bokita with a few unanswered questions. Like, am I really as tough as I look?

Well, according to one little furball, the answer is no!

He came face to face with Bokita during a two-minute Youtube clip. And despite a slightly shaky start, he more than stood his ground when it counted.

The video, which has over 300K views, shows Bokita walking through a carpark. He then spots the Pomeranian and decides to go and say hello!

The miniature pooch looks nervous at first and quickly heads off in the opposite direction.

But when Bokita follows, the pomeranian decides it's time to dog-up. He turns around, squares his tiny shoulders, and gives the Pitbull a look which seems to say, "You don't scare me, big boy!"

A big win for the little guy

He then rubs salt in the big dog's wounds by cocking his leg and doing some business. The carpark belongs to the little guy now!

Some viewers expressed their concern about the video, but it's important to point out that the Bokita belongs to Rasit Kaplan, a specialist breeder who trains and cares for Pitbulls.


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He only breeds Pitbulls with a gentle temperament and Bokita was socialised from a very early age.

And according to his owner, Bokita is actually a big softie who was just trying to make a new friend!


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But that doesn't take anything away from our brave Pomeranian. Now check him out for yourself!