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The owl and the pussycat: A real-life love story

The cutest combo you'll ever see cat-wow
© hukumari296 - Instagram

We've all heard the tale of the owl and the pussycat but these two adorable little fluffballs are showing that truth is sometimes far, far better than fiction!

By Natasha James

Published on the 24/12/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

We love stories about animals becoming friends despite their differences but this adorable kitten befriending this tiny owl might just be the cutest thing we've ever seen. It could be a whole Disney film in itself.

Luckily for us, they've got their own Instagram account (check out @hukumari296) so there are plenty of pictures to prove just how inseparable they are.

Take a look at some of our favourites:

1. The one where they both wear hats


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Picture the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Got it? Now take a look at this picture of tiny Fuku and tiny Marimo wearing tiny hats and be prepared to have a new number one in the cute stakes.

2. The one where they get a tiny house


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Let's face it, these two diminutive creatures don't really need a human-sized house so in this pic, they have a tiny one that's just big enough for the two of them.

3. The one where they nap together


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The only thing better than napping is napping with a tiny furry friend.

4. The one where owl laughs at her own joke


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We've all been there, told our favourite joke and laughed aloud while our audience look on bemused. We're sure we would have laughed if only because of how cute they both are.

5. The one that proves they're best mates


A post shared by HUKULOU_COFFEE (@hukumari296) on

Sure, it's possible to encourage your pets to pose for a cute pic but in this one you can see how much Fuku and Marimo love each other.

What do you think? Are you in love? These pics just go to show that we don't have to be the same to get along. A little love story that's just the tonic for troubled times.