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This adorable cat leaves the BEST Christmas present under the tree

A Christmas tail cat-happy
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Only the most special fur babies are born on Christmas Day! Read on for the festive tale of Tink and the four little miracles she delivered right under the Christmas Tree.

By Natasha James

Published on the 23/12/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Back in autumn 2015, then 17-year-old Danielle Lopez found an abandoned kitten while she was walking home in Central Florida. The tiny kitty was skinny and frail and there's every chance that she wouldn't have survived for long without help from her rescuer.

Seeing that the kitten was in a bad way, Danielle pleaded with her parents to let her adopt the tiny moggy and got the yes that she craved.

A cat called Tink

Danielle named the adorable cat Tink, and Tink soon found her way around. Thanks to a little TLC, she gained weight and became a loving, playful cat who was obviously very at home in her new surroundings. All was well!

A Christmas miracle

One morning just before Christmas, Danielle heard unusual noises coming from beneath the Christmas tree. She cautiously tiptoed closer and heard a soft meowing that sounded nothing like Tink or her other cat Sagwa. As she peered closer, she saw with amazement that the sound was coming from a tiny kitten. Tink was giving birth!

Tink gave birth to five kittens in total, sadly one was stillborn but the other four were in perfect health. Together with Sagwa, the proud Daddy, Danielle supported Tink in her role as new mum.

A forever family

Danielle's family were absolutely delighted at this Christmas miracle and decided to keep all four kittens, meaning the little family will always be together.

Danielle posts regular updates of the happy little cat family online and they're soon to celebrate another Christmas as one big happy family!

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