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Hero firefighter uses kit made specifically for pets to resuscitate lifeless cat

Firefighters resuscitate poorly cat cat-serious
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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and it seems that life-saving equipment does too. This firefighter used special equipment to rescue a kitty fighting for its life.

By Natasha James

Published on the 20/12/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

A firefighter has been commended for spending half an hour resuscitating a struggling kitty after she was caught up in a house fire and left fighting for her life.

A horrifying blaze

Earlier this week, a deadly fire broke out in the Leith area of Edinburgh. Thankfully, none of the residents were home but when neighbours called homeowner Sharon Johnstone to tell her the news, she realised with horror that her two-year-old cat Nala was inside.

Ms Johnstone rushed home and asked her neighbours to let the firefighters know about little Nala.

Brave heroes

The heroic firefighters entered the burning building to rescue the terrified kitty and proceeded to carry out lifesaving treatment on the street outside.

Nala was completely unconscious when firefighter, Greg Hamilton began his life-saving endeavour. He used special equipment donated by not-for-profit Smokey Paws to administer oxygen and resuscitate the cat.


In the news ? We first heard about Smokey Paws at the cross party group on accident prevention and safety awareness....

Posted by RoSPA on Thursday, December 19, 2019

Groggy moggy

It took around 30 minutes but finally, little Nala came around “groggy and confused”, she has since seen a vet and been declared fit and well.

Commander Robbie Higgins had this to say,

“Without this specialist equipment, we might not have had such a positive outcome. The situation was assessed and found no risk to human life before we committed a team to find and rescue the cat. Oxygen was administered, and the cat was then back on its feet – albeit groggy and confused.”

A life-saving organisation

Smokey Paws are in the process of providing every fire station in Scotland with the life-saving kit which includes a small oxygen mask designed to fit across an animal’s nose. It is designed to work on dogs, cats, and even horses and reptiles. As animal lovers, we know only too well the devastation that the loss of a pet can bring and we’re grateful that organisations like this exist.

We wish little Nala a long and happy life.