The 10 happiest Corgis you'll see today!

10 corgis who couldn’t love life more if they tried dog-happy
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If you're in need of a little respite from all that Christmas shopping then we have the perfect read for you. Take a break and look at 10 of the smiliest Corgis you'll ever see.

By Natasha James

Published on the 22/12/2019, 18:00

Love Corgis? Love smiling so much your cheeks hurt? Then our top ten list of very happy Corgis is likely to be right up your street. Which one is your favourite? Choose from…

1. This Corgi who loves flowers


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The sun on his face, the flowers on that bush, this Corgi could not be happier if he tried!

2. This Corgi who loves baths


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The dog world is split into two types of pooches: those who hate baths and those who love them. This furry boy definitely falls into the second camp.

3. These Corgis who want to make sure you don't go anywhere


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These Corgis are so happy to be in your presence that they’re going to watch your every move to make sure you don’t go anywhere.

4. This Corgi who's perfected his smile


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This little fella has been working on something while you’ve been away, it’s his new smile. He hopes you're as pleased with it as he is.

5. These girls who love being together


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These little ladies are such great friends that they even share a lead and honestly? They could not be happier about it.

6. This girl who's learnt how to smile upside down


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Usually, an upside-down smile is a frown but this little lady has worked out how to perfect her smile from any angle.

7. This Corgi who loves Christmas


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The lights, the presents, the extra fuss. This little lad loves Christmas and he doesn't mind who knows it.

8. This pooch who loves the camera


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It's been said that we'll all get our five minutes of fame, this pooch isn't worried about that, he just loves being in front of the camera.

9. This boy who's worked out the exact way to say “more tummy rubs please”


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This clever boy has learnt that he doesn't need to learn English to communicate his love of belly rubs, all it takes is a simple gesture with the old paws.

10. This Corgi who travels in style


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This gorgeous pooch has found a new way to travel and now her owner never needs to leave her at home ever again.