Shocked: passers-by watch helplessly as two women steal dog because it is "cute"

Akita dog close up dog-wow
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The owners of an Akita are reunited with their dog at last after it was stolen from outside a shop in broad daylight. The reason for the theft: the dog was “too cute”.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 21/12/2019, 19:00

Two women holidaying in the county of Shuyang in eastern China's Suqian city noticed the Akita waiting patiently for its owners outside a shop. The women, who police believe were drunk, dragged the dog from where it sat and took it to their apartment.

Writes the Mail Online, the local police said, “The culprits claimed they initially spotted the dog on its own outside a shop. They said they thought the pet was too cute and they could not resist its charm.”

Security footage published by the Mail shows the women first loosen the dog's lead in an attempt to get it to follow them. When the dog refuses to move, one of the women grabs the dog roughly by the collar and drags it along the street.

The women then take it in turns to carry the dog back to their apartment.

Soon after the owners had reported their dog missing, police arrested the two women. One of the suspects told the police that the dog would not walk any further into their building and that one of her friends helped them to carry the dog.

The suspects have been released on bail and will face charges, according to the Mail.

Dog theft

Dog theft in China is rife. Although the suspects in this case claim the dog was simply "too irresistible", millions of dogs each year are stolen from their owners to be used in the meat trade.

Welfare charity estimates that over 10 million dogs per year are eaten in China.

In 2016 the charity reported on the theft of Lao Hei, a sight dog. Lao Hei was grabbed by a passenger of a passing van and never seen again. The theft of a dog that was so important to its owner momentarily highlighted the Chinese problem.

In the case of the Suqian city Akita fortunately he was returned to his owners, and the police are continuing their investigation of the two women.