WATCH: Golden Retriever loves his neighbour so much he walks himself to see her

Golden Retriever and his neighbour dog-happy
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When a couple adopted an older Golden Retriever, they couldn't have predicted the extraordinary relationship that would blossom between their new pup and their neighbour.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 21/12/2019, 18:00

It's a heartwarming story that goes to show you are never too old to find love.

When a couple in Canada were told that there was an 8-year-old Golden Retriever needing a foster home, they were hesitant at the idea of caring for an older dog. However, they brought Cheddar home and just two days later they decided to adopt the adorable canine.


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“He has a beautiful personality, he’s so gentle and so sweet and very needy. Extremely needy,” said his owner in a YouTube video.

Love at first sight

“One day we were taking an evening walk and our neighbour Jean and her husband happened to be outside and that was it.”

It was love at first sight for Cheddar. From that moment onwards, Cheddar wanted to visit Jean pretty much all the time. So much so that he would even put the end of his lead in his mouth and walk himself over to Jean's house.


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It's not clear why Cheddar has fallen head over paw for Jean, but he fell for her instantly.

“If she's going for a walk, he wants to walk beside her. If she's sitting outside, he wants to sit next to her and get all her attention.”

Confidence boost

His owners don't seem to mind that Cheddar is so besotted with Jean. In fact, they believe that spending so much time with Jean has helped boost Cheddar's confidence as he’s “scared of his own shadow” at home.

“He’s quite bold when he goes over there,” his owner added. “He makes himself at home. He doesn’t have a fear that I think he would have previous to meeting them.”


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While there is no doubt that Cheddar is extra special, the loveable giant does have some rather unusual quirks. His owner explained: “When friends and family are over, he acts like he’s never seen a human before.

“Our cleaning lady, whose name is Cheryl, there are sounds that come out of him [when he greets Cheryl] that we have never heard him make before. It almost sounds like he’s in pain, he's just SO happy.”

Cheddar loves going out with his owners in the car, probably because it means he gets to spend time with his owners. But they know what Cheddar really likes doing the best. And that’s visiting his friend Jean.


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All about Jean

“It's about her,” his owner said. “He just wants to be with her. She's his favourite who has now become our friend.


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“All dogs are special but Cheddar is just..if he was a human being, he would just be really kind. He’s the most gentle soul. It's just a joy to be around him.”

Cheddar and Jean

This special relationship between dog and his neighbour has been caught on video and it's clear to see just how much Cheddar loves Jean!