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Cat loses legs in an accident, is saved by vet who fits him with prosthetic ones

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This is a first in Italy: a cat missing its back legs was fitted with prosthetics. Therecovery took months, but he is now as happy as can be!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 20/12/2019, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Silvia Gottardi, former basketball player, is today first and foremost the loving owner of Vito the ginger moggy. She was on her honeymoon with her partner Linda Ronzoni when she heard the news that her cat had been involved in an accident and was seriously injured.


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The family's life is turned upside down

Back in Milan, Vito had been spending his days living his comfortable cat life. Thanks to a handy cat-flap, he was able to come and go from the house when he pleased. But one day, his life of adventure and independence took a turn for the worse. He was found by his cat sitter, laying in a field near his home, with his back legs severely damaged.

Sadly, the damage was irreversible, and the only course of action possible was to amputate Vito's hind legs.


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But Marco Petrrazzoni, Vito's veterinarian, didn't give up on the cat. He believed he could still make it possible for the cat to live an enjoyable life, by fitting him with prosthetic legs.

A long and difficult recovery

While the operation was successful, Vito was unfortunately not happy with his new legs. Unsure how to use them, he stayed in a laying or sitting position most of the time, unwilling to stand. As the months went by, it seemed he was just giving up on life.


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Even his loving owners Silvia and Linda began to lose hope. They had to help Vito with practically everything: to relieve himself, to take his medication, to stay ‘happy’. But it wasn't looking good.


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Until one morning, a miracle happened. When Silvia and Linda woke up, they discovered Vito – standing. It seemed he had finally made a decision to accept this new challenge.


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A new life ahead

Vito is still learning to use his bionic limbs. He now walks perfectly, however, he is still struggling with jumping. His vet has got him covered though – and is already working on a prototype with springs.


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And another silver lining is that now Vito is basically famous. Not only is he the first bionic cat in Italy, he is also drop-dead gorgeous. We certainly understand why his owners fought so hard for him!


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Well done Vito, we wish you the best of luck in the future!


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