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Man left door open overnight, CCTV shows stray letting himself in for warmth

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Accidentally leaving your front door open overnight is certainly a risky mistake. But for one man it turned into a heartwarming story that Twitter can't get enough of.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 21/12/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

For most people the decision to get a dog can take a lot of consideration, weighing up the pros and cons and making sure that it’s the right decision for the entire household. They may visit a rescue shelter or a breeder and take some time to choose the dog that's right for them.

But for Jack Jokinen, he did none of those things before he adopted his new four-legged friend. He simply left his door open.

Surprise house guest

Jack from Philadelphia in the US was woken up one morning by his wife who was understandably confused after discovering a dog in the house. The couple had no idea how the dog had gone into the house and was terrified that someone had been able to get into their home.

Jack checked all the doors and windows in the house, but to his surprise, he found that they were all shut. He couldn't work out how this mysterious canine had got in. Fortunately, Jack has security cameras in his home so decided to check out the footage from the night before.

Mystery solved

The video footage showed that Jack hadn’t properly closed the front door before he had gone to bed. It also showed a puppy walking on its own down the street. Having noticed the open door, the puppy headed on inside. How the door subsequently got closed was also revealed. A thoughtful passerby had walked by and spotted the door wide open so helpfully closed it. However, this meant that the dog was now shut inside the house.

Although he'd solved the mystery, Jack realised that the dog needed urgent help. She was very thin, severely malnourished and seemed to be carrying an injury.

Jack took her to the vet who confirmed that the 8-year-old pup wasn't microchipped.

The vet also told Jack that, “Suzy has a heart murmur, hook worn, infected paws, pad damage and atrophy in one of the legs from it being so damaged. She needs a bunch of dental work but is very underweight so we need to get her weight up and have some tests to make sure she can be put under for procedures,” Jack told Bored Panda.

Forever home

Jack quickly realised that to give the dog the best chance in life, she needed to be taken care of in a loving family, rather than being taken to an animal shelter.

So Jack and his family decided to adopt the dog who they've called Suzy.

Suzy joins Jack's beloved dog, George.

“We decided to adopt her because she had no owner, and our first dog George has brought us so much joy, we could imagine just putting her in the system,” Jack said.

“She has been great with our family, including our baby. She is very sweet and just wants to be loved. Suzy is on the mend and getting better every day. Her body is filling out and she is on antibiotics to treat some of her problems. She's got a long road ahead but is on the way,” Jack added.

Twitter star

But that's not where the story ends. Thanks to Jack's regular Tweets about Suzy, she's become a Twitter star.

Jack began to post regular updates on how Suzy was doing, including all her many visits to the vet and the numerous treatments she has needed. In fact, Suzy's medical needs have seen Jack and his family facing an eye-watering $1000 vet bill.

But thanks to Jack's regular tweets about Suzy, twitter users quickly fell in love with the loveable pup and have generously donated towards her medical bills.

Jack said: “The twitter thread took a life of its own. I never expected it to turn into this but Suzy is now the internet's dog. People have donated about $18k towards Suzy’s medical bills. We hope they aren't that high and we can take the remaining funds to donate to a worthwhile cause.”

Suzy's story

Jack has posted a video on Twitter explaining what it was like finding the mystery dog in his home.

We hope Suzy enjoys her new life with Jack's family.