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Romance blossoms for feline loving pair who met on ‘chonky cats’ Facebook group

Couple find romance over chonky cats cat-happy
© Anna Hosey/thiscatischonky - Facebook

A Facebook group dedicated to larger than life felines isn't just a great source of cat photos. It's also where love can blossom as one cat-loving pair discovered.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 21/12/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Most cat lovers enjoy scouring the internet for the latest photos and videos showing people's felines up to some hilarious antics or simply looking cute. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to appreciating fine felines.

'Chonky' cats

The THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y Facebook group is particularly unique. It showcases larger than life felines looking adorable or simply just hanging out with their besotted owners.

There is something else that makes it special. Not only does it bring people together with an appreciation of chunkier cats, but it’s also where love can blossom.


Beauty and the magnificent beast! ???

Posted by This cat is c h o n k y on Monday, July 15, 2019

Purrfect pair

Anna Hosey and Adam Lawrence are both big fans of big cats. Members of the THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y Facebook group, the pair travelled 4,000 miles to meet up after Anna commented on a photo Adam had posted in the group of himself with his friend's cat.

Adam, from London, posted two photos of himself with an extremely fluffy (and cute) cat.

Anna from Chicago couldn't resist commenting on the photos, saying “Both v v cute.”

And this proved to be the start of a blossoming romance.

Anna told Metro.co.uk: “I had just recently joined the group and immediately noticed Adam, so I made a comment in regards to how cute him and the cat both were.

"Adam sent me a private message after I had made the comment and we immediately hit it off based off our massive similarities in music taste and learned we had much more in common after that.”

Over the next few months, Adam and Anna would regularly chat on the phone or via video calls most days.

Both felt that there was something special growing between them so Adam took the plunge and decided to travel 4,000 miles to meet Anna and of course her own adorable ‘chonky’ cat called Kidden.

Cat's whiskers

“We were wildly curious on what would happen if we saw one another in person,” Anna says. “We both felt things had become romantic via phone and wanted to know if it would be the same.”

Fortunately, when the pair met in person, neither was disappointed.

“Meeting in real life was surreal. But also, very natural, like we weren’t strangers at all and there was no awkwardness involved. It was all so… simple.” 

Approved by Kidden

Of course, Adam needed to get the approval of Kidden too. But thankfully, Anna's feline friend quickly took to Adam.

“They took a shine to each other from the get off,” Anna said.

“Kidden normally doesn't immediately interact with others, but this time it was not the case. Those two together has been a lovely sight to see!”

While Anna and Adam say they are “somewhere between dating and a relationship”, Anna is hoping to visit London soon to see Adam and see how their romance blossoms.

Start of something special

Anna shared her story on the THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y group, posting: “I really never thought I would meet a cute boy from commenting on one of his posts on This Cat is Chonky… But it totally happened, here we are after Adam travelled 4,000 miles to the USA from London to meet Kidden and I."

“I speak for both of us that we are so glad he did.”