Strange noises lead a man to his car, he’s shocked at what he finds under it

Shocking discovery under parked car dog-wow
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For one dog walker, what should have just been his regular evening walk quickly turns into a desperate rescue attempt that will change his life forever.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 22/12/2019, 11:00

Travis Meeks was taking his dog out one evening when he heard some strange noises. To Travis, it sounded like the sound of terrified barking and it was coming from under his parked car.

It’s not unusual to see coyotes in the neighbourhood, so Travis immediately assumed that that’s what it was. 

Surprise discovery

But curiosity got the better of him and Travis got his torch and went closer to the car. Expecting to see a coyote there, he was shocked to discover it was actually a little black Labrador that was making all the noise.

The poor little Lab was all alone, shivering and obviously terrified.

Despite it being a rural area, Travis assumed that the pup had run away or simply got lost. The poor dog was frightened and looked as if he had no idea what was happening.

Dumped and abandoned

It took a while for Travis to gain the dog’s trust but eventually, the pooch crept out from under the car.

That's when Travis spotted how thin the dog was and assumed that the dog hadn’t in fact got lost but had been dumped and abandoned.

Travis desperately tried to encourage the little pup to come with him to a nearby garage or ban to ensure he was safe. Especially given the number of coyotes in the neighbourhood. But the terrified dog refused to budge.

Keeping a watchful eye

He put some food and water down and went inside his house in the hope that the dog would come out to eat. But the dog wasn’t really left on its own. Travis stayed up all night watching the dog from a window to make sure the poor pup was safe.

The next morning before he had to head to work, Travis was relieved to finally be able to coax the dog into his heated garage.


When he returned home later that day, Travis sat with the dog hoping to encourage him to eat. But it was only when Travis lay down on a sleeping bag and said “Come here boy” that the dog responded. He ran over to Travis and laid with him, even going to sleep for a few hours. Travis stayed with the dog, feeding and stroking him hoping that the dog realised he was safe and didn't have to be scared anymore.

Once the dog seemed to finally trust Travis, he took him to get checked out by the vet. Finding he had no microchip, there was no way that Travis could trace the owners. So Travis decided there was only one thing to do...

Adopt the dog himself.

Happy ending

Travis named the little Lab Buckley, or Buck for short. The dog has settled in well to his new home and is enjoying being part of a loving family.