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Check out the hilarious “Yoda” cat who went viral in minutes

Check out the hilarious “Yoda” cat who went viral in minutes cat-wow

Some people spend their lives hoping to be an internet sensation...but for this unsuspecting and hilarious Star Wars cat, it happened almost instantly!

By Natasha James

Published on the 20/12/2019, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

This weekend Bella Moza snapped a pic of her boyfriend's cat and uploaded it to Twitter. We're pretty sure that she had no idea that the tweet would get more than 380,000 likes almost instantly!

A Star Wars Kitty

In the hilarious (and adorable pic), the kitten hides behind a towel which just happens to match the colour of Master Yoda's tunic. We see her little ears protruding from the towel. They rise pointedly into the air, bearing more than a passing resemblance to one of the most famous film characters of all time, Master Yoda.

Bella took the picture on the spot, without any planning and has truly captured something amazing!

More than a passing resemblance, this cat has....

The little Yoda is actually a cat named Parmesan and it seems that her resemblance to Yoda isn't just in this picture. According to her masters, as soon as she goes into hunting mode (which is often!), her little ears turn out at this interesting angle. Parmesan loves to play and can regularly be found chanelling her inner Yoda.

A starry rescue

Bella's boyfriend took in little Parmesan last summer when one of his friends had a group of kittens that needed homes but at that stage, it's unlikely that they realised the resemblance she had to the legendary character.

It seems that fun-loving little Parmesan is working hard on her Yoda impressions and loves hiding in the couple's chair with her dilated pupils reflecting the light to give off the impression of a very small, very wise Jedi master!

One thing we know for sure is that: wise and pretty this little Yoda cat is.