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10 adorable pets who make the Grinch look festive!

10 adorable pets who make the Grinch look festive! dog-cat-happy
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It's the most wonderful time of year…for us maybe, but certainly not for these little fur balls who are managing to make the Grinch look like a jolly Father Christmas!

By Natasha James

Published on the 19/12/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

The holly, the lights, the presents. Yes, yes, we know that you love Christmas but it’s possible that the same can't be said for your furry friend.

If you've got a four-legged pal about the house who knocks decorations off trees and destroys the Christmas stockings before you've even managed to put a present in them then there’s every chance that they're trying to tell you something. We hate to be the one to break it to you but maybe you have a pet that doesn't love Christmas

The best way to deal with it? We'd advise lots of fuss, lots of treats, oh, and documenting it all on Instagram of course. That's what these pet owners have been doing and we've rounded up some of the funniest!

1. This cat is thoroughly unhappy with his costume


A post shared by Persian Cats ? (@walterbishopthecat) on

His owners are trying so hard to make this cat love Christmas but he really, really doesn't.

2. This dog who hides in the shadows


A post shared by Mischievous Huskies (@husky.snow.pack) on

When it comes to siblings there's almost always a difference in personality. With these Huskies, one loves the festive season and the other plans to hide in a cupboard until January...

3. This cat who's letting us know how she feels about festive food


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This cat is SO unhappy about the festive season that she’s not even trying to steal the food, she's just letting her owners know exactly how she feels about it!

4. These dogs aren't at all happy about their costumes


A post shared by Calia (@adventures_with_calia) on

They knew there'd be food and lots of snuggle time, they weren't aware that there'd also be costumes…

5. This cat heard there'd be turkey...


A post shared by Cats Kittens Felines (@thewonderfulfeline) on

“Finally, a reason to enjoy Christmas” thought the cat as they heard the words “cooking a turkey”. Alas, it seems that the kitty got the wrong end of the stick and they’re not at all happy about it!

6. These pooches just want to sleep


A post shared by Severus & Lily (@spaniellife) on

These pooches love it when their little cousins come to visit but at Christmas, all that sugar and all those new toys means the little people are more than a little hyperactive so they've decided to sleep through this visit.

7. This cat is in the dog house


A post shared by Max the Cat and Gracie (@cool_cat_max_and_gracie) on

This furry feline felon didn't want to wait until January for the tree to go so they took matters into their own paws.

8. This cat who's making plans to cancel Christmas fur-ever


A post shared by Sue (@talesfromwisteriacottage) on

The clinical look in this kitty's eyes proves to us that they're either plotting world domination or how to cancel Christmas for good.

9. This dog never agreed to this photoshoot


A post shared by Idea The Iggy (@lovableidea) on

This dog had no idea that Christmas meant furry hats, strange toys and embarrassing photoshoots!

10. This cat hates carols


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Us humans love it when a group of carol singers come to the door, cats however, would rather make their own music!