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Shelter receives kitten in carrier, staff finds second surprise hiding in towel

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When a carrier was dropped off at a shelter in North Carolina, USA, a single kitten was apparent. But staff soon discovered that there was something else buried in there…

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 19/12/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

When shelter staff first discovered the little kitten, they immediately knew who to call. Sarah Kelly fosters hundreds of kittens a year, and she’s really good at it.


When she first received the phone call from the shelter, she was strolling through her favourite bookstore: Barnes and Noble. She thought it was a shame there was only one kitten – if there were two, she could've named them after the bookstore!

But she didn't even have enough time to reach the shelter before she got a second phone call from the staff there. It seems her wishes had come true: hidden in the towels inside the carrier was a second kitten.


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It was no surprise the little guy hadn't been seen at first: he was tiny and frail, probably the runt of his litter. But no matter, Sarah Kelly came to pick both of the kittens up and brought them home to nurse them back to health.


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Best of friends

The smaller one was named Barnes and the bigger, fluffier one was named Noble. Though they looked very different, especially in size, their tough beginnings brought them closer together, and the two became inseparable.


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Over time, Barnes gained weight and grew stronger. The kittens’ adorable rescue story and strong friendship got them a lot of attention on social media, and within just a few short weeks, they were pre-adopted.


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Now, Barnes and Noble are living the rest of their nine lives in a loving home in Chicago. They are looking as gorgeous and healthy as ever.


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A happily ever after for two very deserving kittens!