Hundreds of sausage dogs come together for Xmas walkies in Hyde Park

The Xmas sausage dog walk is an annual even dog-wow
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Hundreds of dog owners dressed their sausage dogs in adorable Christmas costumes for an annual festive event in London's Hyde Park. And as you can imagine, it was amazing!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 16/12/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

The Dachshund walks take place throughout the year, bringing together sausage dogs and their owners for a stroll through London's iconic Hyde Park.

Christmas walkies

But everyone agrees that the Christmas walk is not only the biggest but also the best! Last years event drew around 500 pooches, while similar numbers showed up yesterday for the festive walkies.

Despite the December chill, the attendees enjoyed the clear sky and sunshine after days of miserable weather in the capital.

And with Christmas almost upon us, people took the opportunity to dress their beloved pets in Xmas-themed costumes.

So if you've wondered if a sausage dog could get any cuter, you're about to find out the answer!


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Many of the miniature pooches donned festive jumpers and doggy coats for the day, while reindeer antlers were also a popular choice.


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Some of the more elaborate costumes included a snowman, Santa Clause, and even a Christmas pudding!


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But it wasn't all about the pups. Sausage dog events are a great chance for dog owners to meet-up, socialise, and exchange pet care tips. It's also a great day out for people with human babies as well as furry ones!

More sausage dog meet-ups

The trend is definitely catching on, with sausage dog groups popping up all over the country. There's even a website dedicated to Daschund meet-ups. You can visit for links to local Facebook groups, as well as loads of tips on owning a sausage dog.


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Dachshunds have become increasingly popular with UK dog lovers over the last few years. Despite their small stature and tiny legs, the Daschund is a bold, independent animal who needs plenty of exercise. That's probably why they love these walks so much!