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Woman inspects property for rent, what she sees changes her life (for the better)

Caro the GSD swims in a pool dog-happy
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Kylina Turner's 2018 house inspection led her to uncover shocking cruelty. But from that moment on she became the proud and adoring owner of a very determined pup.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 16/12/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:36

A house in Austin, Texas was Ms Turner's next stop. Her job was to inspect the property prior to new tenants moving in. This she did beneath the baking Texan sun. But it wasn't long before her attention was drawn away from the fixtures and fittings and to what appeared to be a stuffed toy caught between the springs of an old bed frame.


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Moving closer Turner noticed the toy twitch its ear. Surely this was no living animal left to rot amid rubbish and deadly heat. Her heart dropped. The toy was a German Shepherd puppy.

I thought he was a stuffed animal,” Turner told The Animal Rescue Site. “He was completely frozen still, staring at me. I figured I should check just in case, and as I walked up to him his ear twitched.


Wasting no time Turner freed the little dog from his trap and lifted him into her car. He was malnourished, dehydrated and riddled with mites.

The vet at once began treatment of the dog's various illnesses. Caro, as he was now known, was just six months old and weighed less than half of what was normal for a dog his size.


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Incredibly, the little dog had an even temperament. Despite what he had been through, his nature was sweet and gentle. Turner knew she had to adopt him and she did so as soon as his treatment and recovery were complete.


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It didn’t take long until I realized I wouldn’t be able to give Caro up,” Turner said. “The first couple weeks were rocky. My 7-year-old dog, Casey, was not very interested in losing her title of Only Child, but they quickly became best friends!

Caro is now the happiest dog you can imagine, surrounded and enfolded by love.


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